To provide ethnic experience 0f Nepalese/Indian Style with modern twist of food to our customer’s palate , we have  Head Chef  that has  more than 20 years  of experiences in Nepalese and Indian Food industries.
He started his journey from Blue star hotel,Nepal as chef  for 10 years . He later joined  as Deputy chef at Casino Shangri-La and worked there for 6 years.During these years , he had opportunities to learn to cook  Indian/Nepalese foods and broaden his knowledge about Nepalese/Indian herbs and spices from head chefs , chefs and colleagues. Because of his vast knowledge of Indian herbs and spices ,  he was hired by Paprika Restaurant ,Leicester,UK where he worked for more than a year. Later he worked for  Ilaichi Kitchen and Bar, Hatfield and Mimosa Restaurant + Deli  where he sharpened his skills in cooking multi-cuisines. He says ” When you come to The Palace, don’t  forget to try our Indian Curries and Naan”